Nov. 29th, 2014

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I know I've been absent a good long while, but honest, it was for very important reasons. Over the past six months or so, I've been doing a serious remodel on my kitchen, and I ended doing a lot of the work myself for financial reasons. Finally, though, my kitchen is back up and running again -- and if you're curious to check out the picture-heavy post to follow, I'm pretty sure you'll agree it's in much better shape.

It was by no means a three-hour tour... )
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Over the Thanksgiving week, I re-watched the movie Julie & Julia, which along with a few others was a major inspiration to me in teaching myself how to cook. One of the fantastically tasty-looking dishes shown in that was supremes de volaille aux champignons -- chicken breasts with mushrooms and cream. )

In my defense, I was looking and adapting from both an online version of this recipe at and the original Childs recipe in The Joy of French Cooking, not to mention making a few modifications of my own (namely the addition of basil and savory).

That said, I would say the final result was astoundingly delicious. I enjoyed it enormously, and would recommend it to anyone. It's relatively straightforward -- no four to five hours in the kitchen, as was my experience with beef bourguignon -- and the ingredients are all affordable and easily found.


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