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Being home and not feeling too well, I returned to old habits and decided to make myself some comfort food. I paged through Emeril's Potluck until I came across something that looked tasty (and that I had most of the ingredients for), on page 55: Helen's Sausage-Stuffed French Bread. )

As mentioned above, I ended up with a bit of leftover sausage-cheese mixture. Not wanting to entirely spoil my appetite, I tried a little bit with a chip or two -- excellent all on its own! It's got quite a bit of heat to it, though; right now my lower lip and mouth have the vague feeling of sunburn that comes from spicy food which isn't necessarily temperature-hot. The loaves'll be out in about 45 minutes; I'll post my reactions and picture then.

Overall, quite tasty -- meaty, with plenty of molten-cheese goodness and plenty of spicy heat. The picture above really doesn't do it justice; I'd definitely make this again for a party or get-together.
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Last night after a mediocre day, I was in the mood for comfort food. I already had some tortilla chips, but was lacking salsa to go with it. Not wanting to spend more money at the grocery when I had plenty of ingredients here, I chose to make a recipe from my Emeril's Potluck cookbook (page 6) -- slightly modified, for a little extra zing.

Simply Salsa )

This turned out pleasantly tasty, though perhaps not quite as immediately hot on the palate as I might have preferred. It had a nice afterburn on the tongue, but it required a lot of addition of various ground peppers to reach it. I'll have to tinker with the recipe (and remember to drain the canned whole tomatoes next time) and see whether it can be improved.
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In wandering the grocery store recently in search of recipe ingredients, I came across the aisle with all the packets of premade spice mixes. You know -- instant beef stroganoff, chili mix, and (naturally) sloppy joe mix. I remembered how much I'd like the sloppy joes my mom made when I was a kid -- I haven't had any in years, I think -- and decided then and there to try and research a recipe for them.

It turns out there are more than just a few out there. But none of this "buy a spice packet" stuff for me. And nothing that starts out with the ingredient "2 cups ketchup". *shudder* No, I was determined to make it pretty much from scratch as much as I could. All things considered, it turned out pretty well, and surprisingly tasty.

Sloppy Joes (with Picture) )

Tasty, messy, and sweet with just a touch of heat. Great comfort food, and easy to prepare.

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I decided to get a bit of an early start on the whole 250-new-recipes-in-a-year project, and after a quick stop by the grocery store for various supplies got home and began working on my first piece. (This recipe is straight from Emeril's Potluck, page 267.)

Glazed Lemon Pound Cake )

... with Lemon Glaze. )

Despite my complete inexperience with making cakes (I've only made cookies, muffins, and the solitary attempt at bread in the past), this turned out astonishingly good. It's sweet, light, incredibly delicious cake and the sweet tartness of the lemon glaze adds an excellent kick. I just about had a foodgasm when I took my first bite. Highly recommended, and I'll no doubt be making this again in the future... either for others, or to keep all to myself. : )

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For my birthday yesterday, prior to my weekly poker game, I didn't go out to dinner. Nope, I went to the bookstore and bought (among other things) two cookbooks -- Emeril's Potluck (149 recipes) and Martin Yan's China (101 recipes). 250 new recipes in all, to try out.

Anyways, I had a thought along the lines of the book/movie "Julie & Julia" -- why not see how many of these recipes I can make in one year? 250 recipes in 365 days is definitely doable. Of course, this means I'm going to have one hell of a lot of leftovers to give away, as most of these dishes are meant for more than just a few people, but ... really, why not?

It'll be fun, and I'll vastly expand my culinary horizons. Plus I can post my reactions and critiques, if any. So, a goal!

Day: 1.

Recipes completed: 0/149 (EP), 0/101 (MYC).

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