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Using the calzone/pizza dough recipe and my spicy red pizza sauce recipe, along with a healthy smattering of grated four-cheese (Mexican mix), I baked up some dinner with these ingredients:

* 13 oz. of Mom's calzone dough
* 4 regular spoonfuls of spicy red pizza sauce
* sufficient grated cheese to lightly cover the sauce
* five slices of salami
* 12 - 15 slices of pepperoni
* 2 oz. of fresh sliced mushrooms
* 1/6 of one green bell pepper, diced
* ... with more grated cheese on top to serve as binder for all the toppings

After 14 minutes of baking at 450 degrees, it turned out to be not bad combination pizza! )

Overall, pretty good considering. I'll just have to figure out a way to get the stone pre-heated next time and then put the prepared dough-and-toppings onto it.
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A few weeks back, someone posted this recipe onto an LJ cooking community. Annoyingly, though I copied the recipe into a file I neglected to note whose recipe it is. Grrrr. So if this is your dough recipe, speak up and I'll gladly give you credit!

Pizza Dough (used for Pepperoni Calzone) )

Long post, I know, but so worthwhile. I so should have taken a picture of this when it came out of the oven, but it looked so delicious I just tore into it. I'll take a picture when I make another tomorrow with another portion of the dough.

Now, as to taste: I've dabbled with a handful of different pizza dough recipes before, and most of them have seemed too starchy or too crunchy. This, however, was nothing of the sort. Baked, it was crisp yet still soft and pliable, and combined with the pizza sauce, cheese, and pepperoni made an absolutely fantastic light meal. I can honestly say it turned out to be one of the best calzones I've ever had, and coming from me that's saying a lot. I absolutely plan on making this recipe again, and I recommend it to any pizza or calzone lover.

As to toppings other than pepperoni... well, practically anything can be used. I worked in a couple of pizza shops on and off for more than a year, all told, and if you can imagine it (and it has no bones or anything inside) it can most likely go on a pizza. Particular combinations that I can recall include:

* Hawaiian: slices of ham and diced pineapple on red sauce
* Chicken Luau: use barbecue sauce instead of red sauce, top with diced chicken, pineapple, bacon, and green onions
* Stromboli: red sauce with salami, pepperoni, Italian sausage, and mushrooms
* Vegetarian: red sauce with mushrooms, green pepper, diced tomatoes, sliced onion, black olives, and/or artichoke hearts

But pretty much anything is possible. I'll see if I can't rustle up a recipe for a decent garlic white sauce as well, for an alternative to the red sauce -- even though, for me, the red sauce hits the spot. : )
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I've tried my hand at making pizza dough before and never been entirely satisfied. Today, I'm trying out a recipe I found on an LJ community a while back and am just now getting around to trying. The recipe calls for refrigerating the dough on a floured baking sheet for at least 8 hours after mixing it, so right now it's cooling in the fridge. (It's split up into various-sized balls of dough -- 5 oz. for a good-sized calzone, more for a pizza; half the recipe, which is what I mixed up, makes about 28 oz. of dough. Plenty for my purposes!) I'm hoping to make at least a calzone with that, my Spicy Red Pizza Sauce, and some pepperoni and grated mozzarella I've got in the fridge. I'll post on how it goes and tastes later on tonight, along with the recipe!
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A while back, hankering for pizza, I'd looked up some various recipes for pizza sauces online and blended a bunch together to make this one -- my nigh-ideal sauce, with tons of flavor, a little heat and some zing.

Spicy Red Pizza Sauce )

This works great on pizza, in calzones (and I'll be posting recipes for those once I perfect a few), or as a dipping sauce for Three Cheese Garlic Bread with Herbs.


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